Fall Riding – Avoid Hazards While Enjoying Fall Rides

Fall riding can be such a rewarding experience. Your senses are awakened by all of the sights and smells the season has to offer and the cool, crisp air not only makes for a more pleasurable experience for riders wearing proper safety gear, but also provides a good environment for air-cooled motorcycles. Although there are many positive elements to fall riding, there are some hazards that you need to be on the lookout for while enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Riding through a wooded area presents several potential riding hazards and while the landscape can be beautiful to look at, riders must be sure not to let themselves become distracted. Here are just a few of the items to be cautious of when riding in a wooded area:

  • Wet leaves on the road. These are very dangerous because they can cause the tires of a motorcycle to come out from under the bike. This could leave the rider in the middle of the road or off the road seriously hurt.
  • Broken tree limbs and sticks. They could get lodged into the wheel and cause the motorcycle to suddenly stop or the rider to lose control.
  • Wildlife. Animals can jump out into the road without warning.
  • Gravel. Some roads in wooded areas are not paved. Gravel roads are dangerous to ride on because the tires will lose traction.
  • Wet conditions. Leaves that gather along the roadside may retain water that can leave the road wet. Slippery conditions are more present during the fall months.
fall riding and avoiding hazards while enjoying your ride

Road conditions need to be observed at all times. A cautious rider can avoid many hazards. The rider should have a firm grip on the handlebars and their feet should always be near the controls for emergency actions. Lightly applying the rear brake while riding at slow speeds will provide some more stability.

The season itself can present riding challenges. Fluctuations in weather from hot to cold or vice versa can fatigue a rider faster. Cold weather conditions may become present later in the day. It is important to dress properly and be prepared for the cold. For more information check out the “Cold Weather Riding” article.

Daylight hours become less as winter approaches. Riding at night is always more dangerous than riding during the day. Check out the “Riding at Night” article for more helpful tips on riding at night.

Fall weather conditions such as hurricanes and tropical storms may also impact riding. It is always suggested to never ride in windy conditions such as a hurricane.

For tips on how to store your motorcycle for a storm, please read the “Hurricane & Storm Motorcycle Preparation” article.

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