Motorcycle Storage and Winterization Tips

Tips For Long-Term Storage or Winterization of your Motorcycle

Here are some tips for long-term storage or winterization of your motorcycle. These are general long-term storage and winterization tips. These tips may not be appropriate for all makes and models. We recommend reviewing the process with your local dealer. 

motorcycle storage and winterization tips

Tips for Long Term Storage or Winterization

  • Wash and wax your motorcycle.
  • Fill up your gas tank and add the recommended amount of fuel stabilizer. By filling the tank you prevent condensation from building up and water from mixing with the fuel and the stabilizer prevents the fuel from breaking down. Be sure to run your engine to circulate the treated gas.
  • Inflate your tires to the proper air pressure.
  • Install a battery tender.
  • Use a metal protectant spray to combat rust – (i.e. S100 or similar product available at your local dealer)
  • Lubricate the chain.
  • Store your bike in a dry, well ventilated area and cover with a breathable cover. Do not use a plastic covering to avoid moisture from getting trapped under the cover.
  • Keep all fertilizers and other chemicals in sealed containers when storing in the same location as your motorcycle. These chemicals can cause extensive corrosion to the chrome and metals on your motorcycle.
  • Do not run your bike during storage unless you are able to ride the bike long enough to heat to normal operating temperature… Running the motorcycle at normal operating temperature will cook the moisture out of the oils and help to prevent internal corrosion.

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