Riding at Night – Tips to Combat Dangers of Riding Motorcycles at Night

Riders are much more at risk of getting into a crash once the sun goes down. Visibility and depth perception suffers when riding at night. General reactions are slower when a rider’s senses are dulled.

To help combat some of these dangers here are a few tips for riding at night:

1. Take extra precautions – Reduce your speed and place your feet and hands on controls, ready to stop at any moment. In case of any emergency, squeeze the clutch and apply both brakes.

2. Always drive with your lights on – even during daylight hours.

3. Adjust your headlight(s) – Making sure they are focused in front of you and aiming at the road and not the sky.

4. Proper maintenance – Follow our tips for a pre-ride checklist and make sure your lights are always clean and free of road debris.

5. Keep focused – Don’t get distracted riding at night by something on the side of the road, always look in front of you.

combat dangers of riding motorcycles at night

6. Don’t ride fatigued – Fatigue is a major factor in crashes. Make stops, stretch and rest if you can’t focus 100%. Don’t ride with a cramp.

7. Look between – If someone is following you with their high beams on, look between your mirrors and avoid the glare.

8. Be visible – Wear reflective clothing and apply reflective tape to the back of your helmet to be seen by other drivers.

9. Avoid tinted lens – Ride with a clear shield or glasses at night so not to obstruct your view.

10. NEVER RIDE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL – Even one drink can lead to fatal consequences!

Next time you ride at night keep these tips in mind and ride safely!

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