Tips For Buying A New Motorcycle

Get Your License

You can’t ride without a motorcycle endorsement. Take the permit test at your local DMV. We always recommend taking a motorcycle safety class to get your license, but you can also obtain it through the DMV road test. To test ride any motorcycle you will have to present a motorcycle endorsement. Get some riding experience; it will help you determine what kind of motorcycle you want to purchase.

Deciding What You Want

As a new rider, deciding what motorcycle to purchase is probably one of the hardest decisions. A motorcycle can be intimidating. Some key factors to think about are weight, engine size, riding position and price. For a person of a smaller stature, a large bike should not be considered as a first motorcycle. The weight will be too hard to handle and may cause serious harm while riding.

Great beginner motorcycles are between the 250cc and 500cc class range. These types of motorcycles are light enough to handle, but have enough power to ride on the highway. It is important to find a motorcycle with comfortable seat height. When sitting on the motorcycle, the rider should not be on his or her tippy toes. Sport bike and cruiser styles can be found in this engine size category. For a standard riding position with relative comfort, a cruiser style should be chosen. For a more aggressive riding position and harder lean angles, a sport bike style should be chosen.

The more confident you are in your riding abilities will really dictate what type of motorcycle you will want to ride. The different categories of motorcycles are: cruiser, sport bike, dual-sport, enduro, scooter, trikes and customs. What you want to ride is really up to you. Get an idea of what you like and research it. Check out reviews and ride reports. The internet is a great resource for information.

Visit a Dealership

After you have decided what type and kind of motorcycle you are interested in, visit a dealership that sells that motorcycle. Seeing the motorcycle in person can heavily influence a decision. View your options while you are there. You may have gone in for one type of motorcycle, but leave with an idea of purchasing something that suits you better.

Talk to the salesmen and assess your information. They are there to sell motorcycles, but they also have a lot of knowledge about the motorcycles. Establish guidelines with the sales representative. Do not get pushed into a purchase you do not want to make. Remember visiting the dealership is first a fact-finding mission. You may leave the dealership with a new motorcycle, but only after you have decided 100% that you want that particular motorcycle.

Take a Test Ride

A test ride will greatly impact your decision of whether to purchase a particular motorcycle. A test ride will give you the feel of how the motorcycle performs. You can feel the weight and lean of the motorcycle. Take the motorcycle around turns to feel how it handles. Get the motorcycle up to speed to shift through the gears. Apply the brakes harder than normal to see how they bite. If the motorcycle has accessories, see how they function and if you like the usability. As always, ride with DOT approved gear.

tips for buying a new motorcycle

Obtain Financing Options

The price is always a huge factor in determining what to buy. Financing allows you to purchase a motorcycle through a loan or other borrowing measures. The larger the down payment, the less the monthly payments will be. Remember that there is interest on these payments. You will be paying much more than the sticker price of the motorcycle through financing because of the interest on the payments. Make sure you can afford the monthly payments and live comfortably. There are always finance specialists at dealerships to inform you about financing decisions. Try and work the best deal with your salesman to get the best bang for your buck.

Obtain Insurance

Before you purchase a motorcycle, you should research insurance rates. Like buying a bike, you have a number of options when selecting insurance coverage options. If you plan to ride the motorcycle off the lot, the dealership will want proof of insurance to make sure you meet state regulation. Liability limit requirements vary by state, but you may want to select higher limits for additional protection. If you are financing the motorcycle, the finance company will typically require comprehensive and collision coverage to protect their investment. Getting a quote is easy just click here or call us at 1(833)707-4337.

You will also need insurance in order to register your motorcycle. Remember to keep registration and insurance documents on you at all times while riding.

Storage and Gear

Keep your new motorcycle secure in a garage or locked near your home. Protect the motorcycle with a cover and locking security system. Wheel locks, rotor locks and chains all work well for securing your motorcycle. GPS tracking devices can be installed on the motorcycle to prevent theft. 

When riding your new motorcycle make sure to use DOT approved gear such as a helmet and protective jacket. Remember to always ride with some sort of protective eyewear and hearing protection. Ride comfortably and ride safe.

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