Dos and Dont's for Riding on New Jersey Roads

How can I legally ride a motorcycle in New Jersey?

You must obtain a motorcycle endorsement on your New Jersey driver’s license to legally ride in the state. To get that, you either must pass a basic rider course or successfully complete a road test arranged through a Motor Vehicle Commission licensing center.

Before taking the road test, you must obtain a motorcycle learner’s permit and use it for at least 20 days. After passing either a basic rider course or a road test, you must pass a vision test and pay a fee to obtain a motorcycle endorsement.

Do motorcycles need an inspection in NJ?

New Jersey does not require motorcycle inspections to register and ride a motorcycle on the road.

Are mirrors required on motorcycles?

Motorcycles must have at least one rearview mirror to operate on public roads in New Jersey.

Do motorcycles need turn signals?

New Jersey does not require turn signals on motorcycles to ride them legally on public roads.

Do motorcycles pay tolls?

Motorcycles must pay respective tolls when riding on toll roads and toll bridges within the state. They do not need EZ PASS in New Jersey but can be equipped with it for faster tolls processing.  

Are sidecars legal?

Motorcycles that are equipped with sidecars are legal to ride on New Jersey roads. If the sidecar is equipped with seat belts, state law requires passengers who are age 8 or who weigh less than 80 pounds to wear seat belts while in a sidecar.

Is it legal to lane split?

New Jersey does not have a law specifically banning lane splitting, but the practice might earn a traffic ticket. Police officers could issue citations for unlawful lane changes or can issue tickets for reckless driving.

Are mopeds Street Legal?

Mopeds that are registered and insured are legal to operate on public roads in New Jersey but not on freeways or highways.

Are scooters street legal?

New Jersey allows the operation of scooters on streets, highways, and bicycle paths but not on limited-access freeways. Electric kick scooters that cannot exceed 19 mph are allowed as low-speed electric scooters.

Are wheelies illegal?

Wheelies are considered stunt riding and reckless on public roads in NJ. Popping wheelies could earn the rider a traffic ticket.

This article has been provided for informational purposes only and is based on the most reliable information available on the date of publication.