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Josh is the General Manager and Co-Owner of Five Star Power Sports in Duncansville, PA. In this month’s Spotlight, Josh tells us about the first bike he owned, his favorite Sunday morning ride, and the exciting deals going on at Five Star Powersports.

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What was the first street bike you owned?

My first street bike was a 2002 Suzuki Intruder 1400. I still miss this motorcycle and love seeing them out on the street.

You can buy any bike from any year or brand and money is no object. What are you going with?

Haha, I’d buy one of all of them.

What is your favorite road to ride on a quiet Sunday morning?

Upper Snake Spring road. Bedford County, PA.

What’s your favorite piece of motorcycle gear?

For sure a helmet. Not only the best safety gear you can wear, but also with all of the different designs and colors it makes you look COOL.

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What is your favorite time of year to ride?

I love to ride all year, however if I had to pick a season, I would say fall is my favorite.

What tips would you give a new rider?

Take a motorcycle safety course. We recommend PMSP: Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program. This course is great for all levels of riders. It’s free and at the completion of the course you get your PA motorcycle endorsement.

Can you Tell us about the current incentives at your dealership?

As of February 2022, we are offering financing options as low as 0% apr, and discounts up to $3,000 on select models. And we strive to offer the best buying and ownership experience a customer will ever have.  And I believe we deliver on this promise, with every smiling customer that purchases a machine at our dealerships.

What one piece of safety gear do you recommend to fellow riders?


Where can you get great motorcycle insurance?

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Give us your best tip for people shopping for a new or used motorcycle?

Buy the appropriate size motorcycle for your skill level. You can always trade up to a bigger motorcycle after you get road experience. Safety is #1 and priceless.

What brands do you sell at your dealership?

We sell pretty much all the brands. What we don’t have in our new brands we typically have in pre-owned.

Do you service all makes and models or just the brands you sell?

We service all makes and models, whether they were purchased at our dealership or not.

What is your favorite motorcycle or powersports event at your dealership?

We have a lot of events on and offsite to our dealership. Some of my favorites are Rockrun Summer Blast, Thunder in the Valley, our Spring & Fall Dual Sport ride, Breezewood Proving Grounds Yamaha Demo, and all of our Open House events throughout the year. Like our FB page to see all of our events as they come.
red motor bikes in a shop
boats and bikes in fivestar sports location

What was the best day of your life on a bike or motorsport vehicle?

The day I won my first motocross race. Challenger Raceway on my 1998 CR250R

What restaurant do you ride to and what do you order?

I enjoy riding to the Spruce Creek Inn and ordering a tray load of French Fries.

You and one other person from the dealership can leave right now on any bike in the store for 3 days. What are you riding? Where are you going?

We are riding Adventure Dual Sport bikes. Probably the Yamaha T700 and KTM 890 ADV R. We are heading to the mountains for some serious adventure exploration.

What is your favorite motorcycle or powersport vehicle accessory? Why?

I think my favorite add-on to a motorcycle is a GPS unit. These GPS units have all kinds of cool features, including phone bluetooth, vehicle connection to other riders in the group, music, track your ride, share your ride with others, view others saved rides, etc. This technology takes ride awareness to a new level.