The Best Gifts for Sport Bike Riders Enthusiasts 

Some say the Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja is the first production sport bike that established the class back in 1984. Others might say BMW or even Ducati produced the world’s first sport bikes.

Whether you know someone who is a fan of Team Green sport bikes or one of the many other great manufacturers, you might wonder what kind of gifts to give to a sport bike riding enthusiast. The following are some of the best gifts for sports bike riders and enthusiasts.  

Fender Eliminator Kit

Honda and other popular sport bike manufacturers have a habit of placing ugly half-fenders on the backs of their bikes to hold license plates and motorcycle reflectors. They can help to reduce water spray off of the back wheel in wet weather, but most sport bike riders avoid riding in the rain whenever possible.

A fender eliminator kit can remove that ugly bit of black plastic that comes with just about every make and model of production sport bikes. They are affordable and really clean up the look and feel of the rear end of a sport bike.

Removable Hard Bags

Whether riding a diminutive Ninja 400 or a beastly Suzuki Hayabusa, storage space is at a minimum on a sport bike. Long trips or others that require more gear are easier when removable hard bags are added to the bike.Some removable hard bags can hold a full-face helmet and other gear for long or short trips. The removable bags are aerodynamic and enable more comfortable sport touring for those who enjoy sport bikes for more than track day-types of performance.

Detailing Kit

A glossy BMW or any other newer sport bike should look fast while standing still. A clean look and shiny paint help to do that. A dedicated detailing kit can help your favorite sport bike rider to keep the bike looking new and free of the typical road grime and other detritus that often accumulates on sport bikes and other types of motorcycles.


GoPro Digital Camera

What’s the point of owning and riding a great sport bike like a Ducati or another top brand if you cannot show off what it can do? A GoPro camera is a terrific way to record runs through Deal’s Gap or any other favorite or popular route for sport bike riders.

The digital camera could be mounted onto a helmet or a body panel and stay out of the way while riding. The footage can then be uploaded to a computer or smartphone and shared.

Adjustable Rearsets

Maybe you know someone who is tall and rides a Yamaha or another great brand of sport bike. Anyone who is 6 feet or taller generally feels very cramped on a sport bike. A pair of adjustable rearsets could make that person enjoy riding even more. Rearsets provide riders with more legroom so that they do not feel so cramped when riding their favorite bike.

Riding Jacket and Gloves

A quality sport bike jacket and gloves help to protect riders against injuries and road rash if they go down. You can find surprisingly good deals for riding jackets that might even list Suzuki or another brand of sport bike your sport bike rider might own. Riding gloves also are highly prized and improve riding comfort.

Let Your Budget Narrow the Options

Your available budget can help you to narrow options for gift-giving. Any of the prior suggested items are sure to light up the life of your favorite sport bike rider. Some even help to protect that life, too.

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