Scenic New Jersey Motorcycle Rides

Skyline Drive: Skyline and I-287

The Skyline Drive is a 23 mile ride through north Jersey’s wooded area. It’s a winding mountain road that proves to be great fun for Jersey riders.

Route 97 NY: Port Jervis to Hancock

Route 97 follows the Delaware River for 70 miles into New York State. The winding scenic bi-way has great views from the Hawk’s Nest overlook onto the Delaware River Valley. If you like beautiful views of mountains and rivers this ride has been a favorite for many years. The road traces back to the late 1800’s. Continue past the overlook to the Roebling’s Delaware Aqueduct. This is America’s oldest wire suspension bridge designed by the same man who designed the Brooklyn Bridge in 1847.

US Route 206: Morris to Sussex County

Route 206 follows up to north Jersey, where it passes through beautiful farm land. Some stops along the way are Skylands Park and the Chatterbox. The Chatterbox is a drive-in burger joint that hosts car and bike shows throughout the summer.

Route 519: Phillipsburg to High Point

The Route begins in Phillipsburg, NJ, which is about 20 miles from Allentown, PA. Pick up Route 519 North in Phillipsburg, NJ, just off Route 22. Stay on Route 519 from Phillipsburg to Newton to Colesville. At Colesville, you need to get on Route 23 and take it North (left) into High Point. You’ll know you’ve reached the highlands when you see the view of the Water Gap in Harmony Twp. Most of this ride is on Rt. 519; only the last 5 miles are on Route 23.

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